Giving Thanks For…


This year started off rough health wise, which was a carry over issue from last year and years ago. After much consulting and prayer, I made the decision to have the major surgery of a hysterectomy. It was a 6 week recovery but I am 100% and haven’t felt this way since 2004.  My Doctor, Dr. Scott Hite, was amazing throughout the whole journey. I see him next week for my 6 month check up.   


Just 2 weeks ago, I move 3 blocks away from where I was living.   I loved where I was but it was time for a change.   The new place is an upgrade for less rent. So now I am blessed to see this view every day.


I can’t say enough about family.  Had our largest family reunion on my father’s side this year.  Just about everyone was there, so there was about 60 of us. We committed to getting together every 2 years for this large reunion but on the off years smaller groups would connect. Well 5 of the 6 girls cousins I grew up with connected just this month for the first time as adults and it was so good.



I’ve always been blessed to have incredible friendships in my life.  This year, I’m especially thankful for Suzzette, Terrell, Tina, Lacie and Cathy.



Food is the ultimate gatherer of people.  No matter age, race, gender, economic status, it brings people together.  I’ve had some great memories this year around food. And today, on this Thanksgiving, I hosted dinner at my house with some amazing people.

 Happy Thanksgiving from my home & heart to yours!


About Phaeth Place

Haitian by heritage, French Canadian by birth, Chicago based, Globetrotter lifestyle. The WORLD is my playground. iConsult, iCoordinate, iProduce, iDevelop iLaunch!

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