International Women’s Day

  Today as a global society, we celebrate women!










These are the first words to come to mind when I think of what embodies us as women.  We are entrusted to be the carriers of a new life. We push through the most physically demanding act on the body to push destiny into the future.

There is a bond we share that often times is unspoken. We share the sisterhood of the mom’s club, the wives club, the single women club, the gender inequality club and so much more. 

When I consider the women in my life that have shaped and molded me to the woman I am today, I am grateful. From my mother, who I lost way too young, to my grandmother who raised me, my aunts that guided me, my female cousins who were sisters to me, the women in ministry who poured into me and my different circle of friends who have been by side in every phase of my life…I am simple honored and proud to say I am a PHENOMENAL WOMAN!  


About Phaeth Place

Haitian by heritage, French Canadian by birth, Chicago based, Globetrotter lifestyle. The WORLD is my playground. iConsult, iCoordinate, iProduce, iDevelop iLaunch!

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