The legacy of Dana Schuler

On Monday, I had the honor of attending the Celebration of Life of a simply impeccable woman, Dana Schuler.

I never had the privilege of meeting this phenomnal woman, something I deeply regretted while spending the day celebrating her life.  She was the mother of my sweet friend, Grace.  Dana lost her battle with cancer. 

It’s weird to say this about the occasion, but I shared with Grace on Monday, that it was the BEST.FUNERAL.EVER.   So let me explain…

From the moment I pulled up to the church and stepped inside the sanctuary, I felt like this Celebration was for royalty.  I would soon discover, she was indeed a Queen. 

This Celebration of Life was a true reflection of the life Dana lived. The worship songs that were selected seemed to be the essence of who she was as a worshipper. Her husband gave the eulogy that timelined her life from the moment they met over 40 years ago.  

As I listened to the various precious moments shared by my friend Grace and her 2 siblings, I was moved to tears. The common denominator word they all shared was PRAYER.  Dana was a prayer warrior who interceded for her children with fervor and it is something they got to visually experience. Her son, Jonathan shared in his youth, he once saw his mom laid prostrate at 3a praying, and when he asked her what could be so urgent at that hour to be praying for, she replied that she was praying for him and his sisters.  I sat in awe as I listened to the stories of the various ministries she served and started.  From women’s prison, to taking youth to Brazil for mission trips, to going to Thailand to learn about the core of sex trafficking, she gave her all. Her children went on many trips to Brazil and saw the power of God manifest in their mom through healings. What a gift to have had those experiences with your mother….priceless.

The service unofficially ended with a time of ministry led by her spiritual son and team. They prayed and gave encouraging words to the many people that came forward, me included. What an amazing tribute to the life she led dedicated to ministry. 

As I walked into the beautiful Queen City Club for the reception, it was indeed an atmosphere set for a Queen.

The rooms throughout the club were filled with beautiful photos of her life in action and signature pieces she made with love and personal detail and flare,  like a floral replica bride dress for her daughter Grace’s wedding and a charm bouquet made for her daughter Genevieve’s wedding.

The word that was frequently repeated during the time of sharing was GENEROUS.  My goodness what Dana gave day in and day out to others was simply inspiring.  A woman shared a story of how she was the mother of 5 but how sadly 1 of her children died in the month of November. Being so close to Christmas, Dana knew it would be emotionally difficult for this mother to shop for Christmas for her other 4 children while mourning the 1 she just lost. So Dana became Santa Clause and showered the family with Christmas gifts for the children. You can imagine what that did for this mother.

Aside from the prayer warrior and generous woman, Dana was known for her LAUGH! It apparently filled the room. We heard hilarious stories from so many including, Grace’s husband, Jonathan, who shared that one time after picking her up to transfer her from the chair to her bed, looked at him and said, “you’re cute!”  

We raised our champagne glasses and toasted to this amazing woman who left a life changing impact on everyone she encountered and befriended.  

When I think of the legacy I want to leave, Dana Schuler’s life is the epitome.  She lived a life of selfless service, abundant generosity and outrageous love.  She made a difference. Her life calls me higher, it inspires me to do more, to be more.  I am challenged to fully pursue and live out my purpose. I’m pretty convinced she was an angel walking on this earth in the form of a human.  Her children will forever be blessed and favored because they lived amongst an angel. I count it all joy to be able to experience the extension of who Dana was through her daughter, my friend, Grace.

Rest well, Dana, good and faithful servant. 


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  1. Absolutely beautiful ! Capturing the essence of Dana 💞 She was one of a kind. I’m going to miss holding her beautiful hands as I did ever week for over 25 years, starting off as her nail tech 💅🏼that blossomed into a precious friendship ! I will forever miss her and our silly times together laughing uncontrollably till we cried and had no breath or texting always using as many emojis as possible !! 😘😱‼️👯 I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to cross paths with Dana , I love her so very much and will forever hold her in my heart ❤️🐰❤️

    • I sure wish I could’ve met her and known her. My heart goes out to you. I know the loss. I lost my best friend of 10 years in 03′. I miss her everyday.

  2. Patricia Knoechel

    I was invited to Dana’s home for an Easter Passover , she was so kind to me and treated me as a true friend. I will never forget that day of fellowship. I was awestruck in learning the true celebration of Passover and the meanings behind it.

    Patty (Watson) Knoechel

    • Patty,
      She apparently made everyone feel welcomed and had the golden touch in making you feel like you were the only one she was catering to. What a gift.

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