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 A Final Goodbye 

2 weeks ago today, I woke up to the dawn of a new day and a final goodbye. The day before, I had undergone major surgery…a hysterectomy.  This was of course a hard and emotional decision to come to after many other treatments had failed.  

As I layed in the hospital bed that day, I was overwhelmed with a range of emotions…

Physically – I felt a sense of emptiness. My uterus and other female organs had been removed.

Emotionally – I was dealing with the loss of what was once a dream…giving birth.

Mentally – I was fighting the thoughts of feeling less than as a woman.

I can’t say enough about the medical team that I had.  From day 1, my Dr. was a gem. 


I also had an incredible nurse, that really went the extra mile.

More than anything though, when you are going through something like this, it is family (blood or inherited) that make all the difference.  


Though, I have 4 more weeks until full physical recovery and who knows how long until the emotional recovery, I’m thankful to be healthy and to be able to fully pursue my purpose.  


Healthy Lifestyle

As the year comes to an end, I’m thinking of my health in a different way. Every New Years Day is when most of us make resolutions to lose weight but that usually only lasts for about a month.

I started thinking about something that is very important to me as it relates to my personal health…having children.  I’m not sure if they will come naturally as I am 4 months shy of 42, through a surrogate or through adoption. I’ve processed them all. I know eating right and exercising make for a healthy heart, a better pregnancy and more energy with children. I’m a type 2 diabetic and so there are some challenges that come with that.  It’s amazing what a different perspective on a matter does for you.  I want children and I want to be as healthy and active as possible for them.

So for the first time in years, I have a new desire and motivation to get as healthy as possible and in the best shape of my life.

Here’s to a healthy lifestyle!

Listen to your body…it won’t lie to you!

3 days ago, I  spent 6 hours in the ER.  I’ve had an ongoing tooth ache for about a month and had gone to the dentist and they filled a cavity.  There was clearly something else or something more.  I was away for a business trip for 11 days and managed with pain medicine but upon my return the pain started shooting from my ear, neck , shoulder and arm, all on the left side.

Instead of going to the dentist, I bypassed and went straight to the ER. I got a cat-scan that came back normal but something is still off. I learned a long time ago that you know your body more any anyone else! The ER doctor did suggest I go back to the dentist and follow up with my Dr. and get a stress test and EKG to make sure it’s not my heart.   Hugh?  My heart?  He then asked if I’ve ever had a heart attack.  I answered “no, but I may have one now just thinking about it.”

Needless to say I’ve been a little nervous but won’t give in to worry!   It was a wake up call though.  Gotta take my health up to another level,  better eating and more exercise. I want to be around as long as possible!

Master Cleanse

For the past 3 year I’ve done a cleanse twice a year under the advisement of my nutritionist due to my type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

I started on a journey of trying a different cleanse every time.   In spring of 2011, I tried The Master Cleanse and have been hooked ever since.

I have a huge love affair going on with food and this is the cleanse that has best curved my appetite.  It’s something about the ingredients that make it so.  Check them out here.

The other great thing is being a part of a support group that is cleansing as well and I found this one on Facebook

As a diabetic, there are some alternatives used as far as ingredients, for reduced sugar intake.

The recommended  time for beginners is 10 days and here is a cool road map to help

Choosing a good time frame is important when doing a cleanse.  Look to stay away from dates where you have major events that involved meals. I won’t start my cleanse until Feb 1 and will do it for a  period of 30 days, which has been my time frame for the past two years. January is packed a few big events for me that involve sit down meals and Feb is clear as far as formal sit down.

If you’ve never cleansed, I highly suggest it. Trust me, you will feel and see the difference with your body.


High Sugar—To the ER I go

Woke up yesterday morning feeling VERY sluggish.  I had a hard time getting energy and so I decided to check my sugar. I’m was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in December of 08′.  Diabetes runs on both sides of my family and according to my Dr. I was prone to get it.  I’ve been maintaining through diet , exercise and oral pills. I’ve been slowing coming off the pills lately which has been great cause I HATE PILLS!!!


So after finally testing my sugar and seeing that it was a ridiculous 335..I jumped in a taxi and headed to the ER…which I HATE more than pills.

After 2 doses on insulin, 5 hours later, I finally was released with an prescription of insulin.  Now I’m not insulin dependent but this is just in case I have  to another episode like this again.  It turns out it was something in the seasoning of what I had the night before for dinner.  I’ve learned to listen to my body over the past few years and the one thing I don’t do when it comes to my health is take chances…you shouldn’t either.

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