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The Simple Woman’s Daybook – February Edition

Looking out my window…I am stunned that it’s anothe record high temperature in Chicago of 66 in February.
I am thinking of…being a part of the productions for WE Day next week. 

I am thankful for…the support of my tribe
One of my favorite things…hot breakfast 

I am learning…to go for the big ask!

In the kitchen…I’m learning to enjoy the art of eating. Enjoying each bite and being focused chewing and the taste of food.
In the boardroom…I’m redeveloping my brand.
A favorite link…
A favorite place…the river walk in downtown Chicago.

A moment from my day…someone dear to my heart going out of their way to meet a need.
Closing Notes…as another black history month comes to an end, I am thankful for the strength of the black woman. When we gather together and support each other, we are strong, we are confident, we are resilient. 


Labor Day – A day of needed rest

Today in America, we celebrated Labor Day, which pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894.

Today is a federal holiday and most people are off from their jobs…but many are still working. We live in a country, here in America, that has a hard time just resting.  Rest is so necessary for our overall well being, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  

Today, I am reminded in the reading of one of my favorite scriptures, Matthew 11:28, that I can bring my heaviness to God and He will give me rest.  August was a heavy month for me and I got through it with finding much rest is the ultimate giver of rest.

Today, do something you REALLY love! For me, today will be filled with watching the US Open Tennis Tournament…I’m a tennis buff! 

Today, just take a day…and rest. 

International Women’s Day

  Today as a global society, we celebrate women!










These are the first words to come to mind when I think of what embodies us as women.  We are entrusted to be the carriers of a new life. We push through the most physically demanding act on the body to push destiny into the future.

There is a bond we share that often times is unspoken. We share the sisterhood of the mom’s club, the wives club, the single women club, the gender inequality club and so much more. 

When I consider the women in my life that have shaped and molded me to the woman I am today, I am grateful. From my mother, who I lost way too young, to my grandmother who raised me, my aunts that guided me, my female cousins who were sisters to me, the women in ministry who poured into me and my different circle of friends who have been by side in every phase of my life…I am simple honored and proud to say I am a PHENOMENAL WOMAN!  

January 10…a bitter sweet day 

In 2003 this day forever changed my life. I lost my best friend of 10 years, Mrs Anita Burden Johnson to lung cancer. She was my ride or die and  confidant. She is forever with me.

On 2012, God brought a differenr ride or die into my life…my Maliki. Today I celebrate his 4th birthday. What use to be a day that was filled with much sadness, has been filled with joy the past few years.

I appreciate the little things that God does to mend my heart. 

The Cover Up #16shots

By now we have become a country that has become too familiar with the common practice of white police officers killing black men without proper cause.

The latest murder is close to home for me, right here in my city of Chicago. Laquan McDonald, a 17 year old black youth, was shot 16 times over 1 year ago on October 20, 2014.  16 times in 15 seconds, armed with a knife yet not attacking anyone.  Sadly, Laquan being senselessly gunned down is not the surprising factor, it is that there was a cover up from many officials throughout the city.  Since the announcement 4 days ago, there have been daily protests with the exception of Thanksgiving day.  The largest protest came yesterday, on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. The idea was to stand in unity to send a strong message out economically. Early reports indicate that hundreds of million dollars was lost when protesters took of the Magnificent Mile, which is a 1 mile stretch on Michigan Ave, which is home to 3 malls and large number of upscale retailers. Water Tower Place is the oldest and most popular mall on Michigan Ave. #weshutitdown This Apple Store has neve been empty during business hours. #weshutitdown  I’ve been a part of 8 or 9 protests in my lifetime, but I must say being a part of this one yesterday was very different. 

 There was more unity amoung races and ages than I have ever seen at any protest.  I saw more elders in their 60s and 70, I hugged more strangers and shed more tears with strangers than I ever thought possible.   This little white child caught my attention because they were out supporting with their parent and that was great. I was moved to see parent educating their kids. What that child did not realize is that the sign doesn’t hold true for them. Because of the tone of your skin, young child, you will never be seen as a threat and be gunned down. That’s your reality.  

Prayerfully there will be full justice beyond just  the officer being charged with first degree murder.  Let’s see if the charge turns into a conviction and if there is a suitable sentence that the family can be at peace with. I pray the cover up, which is the secondary crime that runs deep within city officials, is brought to light and those involved are held accountability.  Laquan is another young black man that was made famous in death. Laquan is my son, my brother, my cousin, my nephew. I stand, I march, I protest, I speak for him. His name is added to the ongoing book of #blacklivesmatter.  Yes, all lives matter but as a black person in the United States, I am constantly reminded that our lives matter less. 


Cousins Retreat

I love these women. They are a part of me. Proud of who they are and their strive for excellence. (Left to Right -> Pascale – owner of 320Living, a lifestyle branding company / Daniele – homeschool mother of 5 and co-pastor / Irma – IT specialist to the government /  Nathalie – pediatric dentist and owner of her dental practice)
 There’s nothing like being with family in an intimate setting where we can reminisce on childhood memories. 
 There’s always room for a lil craziness!  

 And a family that shops together, stays together!  

We ate good every morning…


And every evening 


It was good to be with these 2 again. We use to take regular cousin weekends for years. 

This home was our sanctuary for the weekend and it was welcoming and warm.  

I was reminded how precious family is. Though we live hundred of miles from each other, there is no distance that keeps us apart…that’s family.

Thankful 4 It All

Think for a minute or two of how good life can be, and you’ll see that life’s true goodness comes not from what you have, but from how much you value and appreciate it.

There is absolutely no end to the possibilities for richness and fulfillment in your life. There is also absolutely no limit to what you can make of whatever you have.

Consider for a minute of three what you are able to be thankful for, and you’ll discover something wonderful and empowering. You can be thankful 4 it all. Let me say that again.. “YOU CAN BE THANKFUL 4 IT ALL”

Look back for a minute of four and you’ll see that the pleasures and the pains have both pushed you forward and given you countless opportunities for real growth. You’ve been supported by the good things you do have and inspired to reach for those things you do not yet have.

The triumphs have given you joy and the disappointments have strengthened your determination. All of it has enabled you to more richly fulfill the beautiful, genuine person you are.

So for the rest of this month, treasure all that is around you, whatever it may be, and open yourself to the positive possibilities that you so richly deserve. Be truly thankful 4 it all, and every day is even more rich and fulfilling than the day before.


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