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Happy Half-A-New Year!

So here we are, July 1, the start of the 2nd half of the year. It’s always the time I choose to look over the goals I set for the year and reassess which ones should still be there. Life happens, shift happens and you are to the change that comes. It’s ok to get off the path you are on and get on a new one and set new goals.  Don’t get stuck in doing something because it’s how you’ve always done it. 

I’m excited about this 2nd half of 2016. I’ve made adjustment to the original goals. I took some off this list and added others on. It’s so essential to stop and evaluate where you are in life every few months. A year goes by so quickly and if you are not careful, you can lose track of the goals you have set.  My #oneword for 2016 is INTENTIONAL!   I have been more aware this year of how much I needed to be intentional in every area of my life and it makes a major difference. 
So what are you reassessing for the 2nd half of 2016?

What shifts are you accepting and moving with?

What are you being intentional about?


The 2nd Half

Half of 2015 is gone. Finished. No turning back. What lies ahead is the remainder of this year. As I looked at my goals for the year, it was assessment time. I had to ask myself:

– What have I accomplished so far?

– What target goals have I hit? 

– What goals do I have yet to reach?

– What will it require to reach those goals? 

I set 2 goals for each month of the year.  From January – June, I hit 3 out of those 12 goals. 3 of the goals on my list couldn’t be reached due to major medical challenges that led to surgery  I had in May with a 6 week recovery time.  I may have been 6 for 12 and maybe more. I realized the first half of the year that sometimes one challenging circumstance in life can have a domino effect.  


In reviewing my goals, I realized it was time to re-assess and to determine what is most important in this season to accomplish by years end. 

So I ask myself, what’s next?  How will the 2nd half of 2015 play out?  The answer…the way I determine it to.  Moving boldly into these last 6 month, I’m determined to accomplish what I set to be my priorities:

– Deepening Family Relationships

– Launching new start-up

– Lose 25 pounds 
So what is your 2nd half looking like? What will you determine to accomplish! Put it out there, so you can be held accountable.  No one can do this thing alone, we need each other.

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