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Hello April

April is among us once again. It is my favorite month for a few reasons: It’s my birthday month, it’s my favorite season of spring and it’s harvest time….time to plant!  


I’m expecting this to be and AWESOME April! I have some AWESOME goals that I have set for this month, so I am expecting AWESOME results! 
I love surprises! I love giving and receiving them!  This morning I have spoken things into the atmosphere and am waiting in expectation to be surprised by how many of those things manifest this month. 

These next 30 days…

I am expecting greatness!

I am speaking greatness! 

I am walking in greatness!

I am surrounding myself with greatness! 

I am made in the image of the great!


March On…A New Season 

March is the month that ushers in the season of spring.  The past months of winter brought some hard storms…with weather and with life…but today, Spring has arrived and with it comes the time to plant for the harvest. I’ve learned over the years that every season brings about change and change is a much needed neccessity. With a new season, comes new possibilities, new opportunities to start again, essentially for do-overs. As I embark on this season, I look forward to putting behind some of the old that has held me back and welcoming the new creation. I’ve hard some health challenges that I am finally facing and having the necessary procedure for a better me. I am also taking major steps towards walking out what I believe is a life long calling to be an advocate for a special group of youths that are walking out what I had to in my youth. These are both scary but it’s a new season…It’s here, It’s time, I’m ready.

What is the old that your are leaving behind this winter and what is the new that your embracing this Spring?

Welcome to Spring! Welcome to the opportunity to march on to endless possibilities that await you in this season.


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